The Duck Inn was founded by William Dritshulas, Sr. in 1932 under the name Billy's Meat Market and Grocery.  Dritshulas who emigrated from Greece to the United States in 1908, homesteaded in Chinook, where he also worked for the Great Northern Railroad.  He supplied the market with meat from his farm. His store quickly became a well-known business on the corner of 13th Avenue and First Street.  Dritshulas converted a small building from his farm into the original Duck Inn Tavern by attaching it to the market.  The business expanded in 1949 to include a small diner and in 1950 a three-unit hotel was built.  William Dritshulas, Sr. died in 1967 and his son, William Dritshulas, Jr. succeeded him as CEO and president.  The business has grown to include the Duck Inn Tavern & Casino, Mediterranean Bistro, Olympic Grand Ballroom (both in 1977), The Emporium Food & Fuel Store and Casino, Havre RV Park (1993) and the Best Western Great Northern Inn ( 1998).  Thank you for your interest in our Corporation. We hope to serve you in the future!

2006 Montana Family Business of the Year Award
Bozeman, Montana